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May 16, 2004
I need help with this exercise. It seems...too difficult for me :? any correction would be appreciated thanks :)

Mrs Murgatroyd
‘And there’s another thing,’ said Mrs Murgatroyd. Beside her in the taxi her husband concealed a small sigh. With Mrs Murgatroyd there was always another thing. No matter how well things were (13)…(going??)
Edna Murgatroyd went through life to the accompaniment of a running commentary of complaints, an
endless litany of dissatisfaction. In short, she (14)…(nagged…why would she utter?:D)without cease.
In the seat beside the driver, Higgins, the young executive from head office, who had been selected for
the week’s vacation at the (15)….(expense??) of the bank on the grounds of being ‘most (16)….(promising) newcomer’ of the
year, sat silent. He was in foreign exchange, an eager young man whom they had only met at London
airport twelve hours earlier and whose natural enthusiasm had gradually (17)….(washed?? :/) away before the
onslaught of Mrs Murgatroyd. The driver, full of smiles when they selected his taxi for the run to the
hotel a few minutes earlier, had also caught the mood, and he too had (18)….(this should be “lapsed” though I’m not too sure..I remember I used this expression once to say “she lapsed into bad habits” or something) into silence.
13 A doing B getting C going D being
14 A nagged B gossiped C uttered D voiced
15 A liability B expense C debit D deficit
16 A promising B emerging C favourable D auspicious
17 A washed B ebbed C dripped D rinsed
18 A paused B reposed C lapsed D desisted

Jerome Flynn
After a variety of jobs, Jerome Flynn became (1)…largely successful with fellow actor Robson Green in the TV
series Soldier, Soldier, and then when they (2)….teamed up as singers in 1995, they had three number one hits.
‘It was a whirlwind, fantasy time,’ says Jerome. ‘We made the records because we quite (3)…craved the
money, and it paid off. It was a lot of fun, but you can become (4)… (Caught up?? I’m not too familiar with the other 3 expressions to be honest…) in the pop world. It’s addictive, and
once you’re a pop star, people tend to (5)…put you on a pedestal. It was so mad we had to get out while
the going was good. Now money doesn’t mean so much, although it (6)… enabled me to leave my career
behind for a while. But Robson wanted to go back to acting and has made quite a success of it. I’d like
to work with him again one day.’
1 A greatly B largely C hugely D grossly
2 A joined B teamed C fixed D grouped
3 A craved B longed C yearned D fancied
4 A laid up B seized up C taken up D caught up
5 A lift B have C put D hold
6 A enabled B empowered C entitled D effected

The Sailing Trip
A few days ago, I was (7)…. (checking up??) my new sailing gear ready for my first long trip, around the coast of Britain
on the sailing ship Hirta. I watched a TV report of some fellow yachtsmen crossing the finishing (8)…line off
a place called Ushant to complete a record round-the-world voyage. The sea was rough, the wind
looked fierce and, although they were putting a brave (9)… (face??)on it, the winning yachtsmen looked
exhausted. What I was seeing on the television screen was not my (10)…idea of yachting. I felt smug
knowing I had this marvellous opportunity to drift gently round Britain learning to sail, and that I would be
steering (11)…(clean??:/) of the horrors of ocean sailing. Casually I looked up Ushant on the map. I went quite
cold: Ushant was (12)…pratically 32 kilometres further south than the starting point for my great journey on the
7 A going through B setting down C checking up D passing over
8 A mark B strip C line D sign
9 A face B eye C appearance D view
10 A thought B idea C notion D sense
11 A clean B straight C short D clear
12 A virtually B practically C simply D barely

Thanks in advance :)


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Sep 21, 2003
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Your choices 13 through 18 are all correct. You did well. :D 8)

I'll leave the other two passages for someone else. 8)


May 16, 2004
Casiopea said:
Your choices 13 through 18 are all correct. You did well. :D 8)

I'll leave the other two passages for someone else. 8)

Thanks for correcting me :D (I'm surprised I had them all correct hehe; I surely made mistakes in the other 2 paragraphs :lol: )
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