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Formal letter help !!

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Jun 7, 2010
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Last month u bought a new sony camera but it stopped working after two weeks . Write a formal letter to the manager of the company complaining to him about what happened

Dear sir\madam

Last month i bought a new sony camera from your Virgin Mega store at villaggio . At first time the camera was fine and work amazing . Two weeks later i found strange sound coming from it and i dont know why and i have tried several things but it didnt work. .

with a heavy heart I'm writing this letter to you as i considered that this camera would be my precious buy with which i could capture some beautiful memories of my life . Actually I had to take pictures of important events at my sister's wedding but unfortunately it deceived me due to which I couldn’t take a single snap with it . Most of the time when I open its shutter , It doesn’t show the outside view . At first I thought it might be due to the battery being down but after inserting a new batteries , it is still not working . It's now worthless for me .My family and I are very disappointed after seeing it result and facing the worst experience of our life with a branded product bought from your shop .

I hope you consider my complaint with due seriousness it deserve and I expect you not to hesitate in exchanging this camera for a new one . I would be very


can any one please correct i need it by tomorrow pleasr , and i have question is the writing related to the topic ? iff you wanna add details i will be happy ciz its exam writing


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Jun 20, 2010
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We don't do your homework, Fatma.
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