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Feb 17, 2008
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Hello Everybody

Can I suggest that we share some translation jokes that we or other people committed?

To start with, this is a list of some mistakes in translation committed by translation students:

1-The word "devil":
Depsite the context in the passae given to the student was very clear, at least five students (in the exam) translated the word as: "Poor servant of the press"!

2-Students are taught....
A website designer at some universirty wanted to say that the students of the English department are taught by 16 members of staff. He said:

"Students teach by 16 teachers"

The words "cahractersitic" and "adjective" have one equivalent word in Arabic.

A student said: "My friend has beautiful adjectives"

The teacher laughed and said: "You do not want to say: (His verbs are good also)" noting that the words "verbs" and "deeds" in Arabic are expressed by the same word.

4-Story of a Jordanian student in India

A friend of mine studied in India. He told me that once there was a car accident. The two drivers were among people known as Sardars. One of the drivers was injured while the second drove away. The policeman came and investigated the matter with a witness who hasa recently arrived at Indian knowing almost nothing of English. The student explained what happened as follows using some gestures:

"Saradar come...Saradar lost control....Saradar go hospital....Saradar go home"
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Mar 10, 2008
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Item 1: the term "printer's devil" means a printer's apprentice.

Item 2: It depends where you are.
In Thailand there is only one word for any part of a verb.
You have to determine such things as tenses from the context, as in "I go Bangkok tomorrow" or "He go Bangkok today".
Thai's can be understood by an English speaker, despite such problems.
I wish I could say the same for my Thai (44 consonants, 28 vowels and more besides!)
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