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Apr 25, 2010
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I am from India. While searching in google I found this site. And I liked the service provided by this forum.

I don't know English well .

I am writing a note on a website. Description on some buttons

I already wrote some , but I feel that it is not good sentences. So if you are willing to rewrite it , please help me.

Below is the matter

    1. Search
  When a user enters a query into a search box, the engine examines its index and provides a listing of best-matching files according to its criteria. 
  The filename, filetype,file size and ‘Download’ link will be appeared.
  There is another section to search for private files. When a user search for for private files, all details except ‘Download’ link will appear. In that place ‘Request Uploader’ link will appear. By clicking on that link a request is forwarded to the uploader . If the uploader accept the request the requester can download the file.
  2. My Account
  When a user clicks on the ‘My Account’ link, all files uploaded by him will be listed.
  The filename, file type, file size, uploaded date will be displayed.


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Apr 25, 2010
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I need you help once more. Yestarday I wrote one more topic , but I am not satisfied with what I have written. So please correct the below given sentences also.

Thanks in advance.

1. Login Module
  Validation of user name and password is done by login process. A user is required to authenticate with a password to enter into his account.
  2. Administrator
  a. User Approval
  The Administrator has to approve the users so that they can start using the account.
  b. Adding file types
  The Administrator has to define the file types which are allowed to be uploaded.
  c. File Approval
  The administrator has to approve the files which are uploaded by users.
  3. Users
  There are three types of users i.e. Administrator, Premium Users and Free users. 
  a. Registration
  Users are required to register in the site before they can start using the service. During registration users are given a unique username to access the site.
  b. Upload a file
  Users can upload files to their account. Free users have some limitation of file size.
  c. Visibility
  Users can set three types of permissions to the files uploaded. 
  Public – These files can be accessed by all users.
  Private – These files can be accessed only after getting the uploaders permission.
  Hidden – These files cannot be seen by other users.
  d. Download File
  Users can search for the files which are uploaded and they can download the files which are available for download. But for private files they have to get the uploaders permission for downloading. 
  e. My Account
  After logging users can go to their account. In the “My Account” page they can see the amount of data they have Uploaded, Edit their profile etc.
  f. Request File
  A user can request for the permission to uploader for downloading the private files uploaded by him. 
  4. Blog
  Users can post comments on the site and they can start discussions. Users can post their doubts regarding the site in this section.
  a. Start Discussion
  Users can click on the ‘Start Discussion’ button and the can start a new topic.
  b. Reply
  Users can reply to the topic started by the members.
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