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graded reading materials or authentic reading material?

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Could someone please tell me where can I find articles related with the views of some litterateurs who oppose using graded materials?


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Sep 21, 2003
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antemeridiem said:
Could someone please tell me where can I find articles on who opposes using graded materials?
I found several. Try the list below. To view the sources, click here, and scroll down to Reading materials:

extensive reading said:
Reading materials

These works present options and suggestions, sometimes including bibliographies, for assembling collections of books and other materials suitable for extensive reading. Two subgroups included here are works concerned with language learner literature (books written or adapted for L2 learners, also called graded readers) and works about student-made reading materials.
Anderson 1971; Bamford & Day 1997; Benson 1991;Brown 1988; Brown 1994; Brusch 1991;Cho & Krashen 1994;Day & Bamford 1998; Dunning 1988; Dupuy & McQuillan 1993; Dupuy, Tse & Cook 1996; Edinburgh Project on Extensive Reading 1992; Gaudart 1994;Ghosn 202; Hess & Jasper 1995; Jacobs, Davis & Renandya 1997 (Chapters 3,8,13); Kitao, Yamamoto, Kitao & Shimatani 1990; Klapper 1992; Krashen 1981; Krashen 1993b;Lao & Krashen 2000;Lida & Smith 2001; Nash & Yuan 1992/93; Nuttall 1996; Rees 1992;Robb 2001; Rodrigo 1997; Ronnqvist & Sell 1994; Schmidt 1996; Sheu 2003;Sheu 2004;Tan & Kan 1997; Toh & Raja 1997.; Ujiie & Krashen 1996;Language learner literature

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