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help me to remember vocabulary well

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I'm a China student who is learning english now,but the most serious problem in my study english is lack of vocabulary. So I want to remember new words every, but I find so times I will forgot the word which I'v remember yesterday......... :( SO I'm very worry about this.......Who can help me?


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Nov 13, 2002
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When languages are very different, remembering words can be very difficult. You have to use the words. If not, then they'll just disappear.;-)


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May 12, 2009
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Here's my preferred way:

1. Get some movies in English.
2. Before watching, find the subtitles on the internet, write down the words you don't know.
3. It's a shameless plug, but I suggest my software (available at wordoholic.com | memorize foreign words in (almost) no time ) to memorize the words.
4. Watch the movie with subtitles OFF and catch the words you've learned.

Generally speaking, I'm against subtitles as you tend to read them narrated instead of watching a movie.


May 11, 2009
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I understand how it must be difficult to remember the words you learnt yesterday, I also have the same problem as a learner.
but there is no magical way to learn english at ease

You should work hard. sometimes it must be pain, but as I can see with what you have wrote on this thread, you are a begginner .

so Try to Learn Basic words and grammar rules and read some beginner-leveled books, which you could enjoy reading or watch your favorite movies with a subtitle.

in this way, you would get familliar with English, and you would absorb the words you need to speak english and never forget.

Good luck!


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Oct 19, 2006
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The essential thing is to use the words as often as possible.

The second thing is to listen to radio broadcasts or spoken word recordings rather than watching films. The act of watching distracts from hearing and understanding the words and how they are used.
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