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Help me understand "to hear" how to use

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Hello - I am teaching English in Spain and became very confused about the verb "To hear" while teaching when to use it in Simple Present and when it can be used in "Present Continuous".

Here is my example:
She hears the music. Non-Continuous Verb (meaning -She hears the music with her ears.)
She is hearing voices. Normal Verb (meaning - She hears something others cannot hear. She is hearing voices in her mind.)

My students didn't understand the difference and I couldn' explain it. Please give me more examples of the different ways to use it and explain to me why.

THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate it! -kim

Khansaa Saii

New member
Feb 5, 2008
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English Teacher
Hello, Kim
She hears the music. simple present tense
it means she hears me using her ears-it s a voluntary action
-She is hearing voices. present continuous tense
it means now she is hearing voices at the moments of speaking
we can t say the others can t hear or something
I think this is the answer to your question
Best wishes Kim
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