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Feb 18, 2008
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Earnings at airlines have already been under pressure due to the decreasing demand and a record increase in the price of cruel oil . In the US , a number of airlines have gone bust while others are struggling to survive in an ever more competitive market place . While it is relatively easy to check the weight of a traveler’s luggage and charge those that burst limits, it is much harder to regulate a person’s waistline . Some firms have toyed with the idea of (jokingly suggested )charging overweight travelers for two seats , but it is not a practice that has taken off industry-wide .

Q:The underlined word “those” in paragraph two most probably refers to ______.
A. overweight travelers B. overloaded cases
C. travelers’ waistlines D. extra large seats .

The suggested answer to the question above is "B". However, I think none of the alternatives is correct because "those" here refers to " a traveler whose luggage is overloaded instead of so called overloaded cases.

Am I right or wrong to think that way?
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