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I am studying for a PSSA test. I took a crossword puzzle our school is offering. The problem is we didn't study much of this stuff. Help?
what's: 1.a judgement based on personal points of veiw
2.the repitition of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry
3.the attitude of the author toward the audeince and characters (e.g., serious or humorous
4.a device used in literature to create expectation or to set up an explanation of later developments
5. a literary tone used to ridiclue or make fun of human vice or weakness
6.a long narrative poem about the adventures of a hero of great historic or legendary importance
7.a topic of discussion or writing; a major idea broad enough to cover the entire scope of a literary work
8. cause statements stem form actions and events, and effects are what happen as a result of the action or event
the prevailing emotions of a work or of the author in his or her creation of the work
9.a word or group of words in a literary work which appeal to one or more of the senses


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Did your original give the number of letters in the words? Fairly important to have that.
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