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How can I write good resume and cover letter in English?

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I am a Chinese student. English and Chinese have different habits in writing resume. It is difficult for me to write a good resume. Could you help me?


Apr 8, 2008
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First of all you must to express your self before you start to tell your education background and experiences,
Date of birth:
Marital status:

After you finished the identifying expression, you write:

Educational background: this contains your Educational background from latest to earliest. Try to highlight the high education academic year. In this section you can mention it the especial course that you took it in years of formal education that you think it will support you to success this vacancy.

Skills: skills are the main point of the resume that you want to express your ability. If you are mullt-skills you will be high demand for the organizations and all constitutions in the world.

Experience:it must tell what and how to do the position that you request effectively and efficiency with telling prior jobs similar to this job duties which you preformed to other Organizations. The intuitions and Organizations like or prefer the experienced employees who have done well record. In this section Human Resource Managers classifies the pool candidates of their positions, formal Exams and interviews. If the candidates become same for the two exams the choice of the employer will be Experience Section, so that you must to deal with them as a full experienced person.

Hopes: Interests of the person related to the environment of the work is better to tell here, because it will increase the good appearances of the person.
Referees: prestigious individual who know you well, and the Organization can refer back to, they will provide the appearance of your personality, if you are good worker or educational background.
N.B: At the some time you should care your writing language.

My friend this is my trial and is not the best.

I hope you my Dear friend success for your Request.
Your friend, Ahmed
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