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Oct 30, 2007
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I came across this question:
--How do you find your missing pen?
--Wow. _______.
A. It writes well.
B. Quite by chance.
C. It lies in my drawer.
D. It was kept by my grandfather.

The given answer is A.

I doubt whether this is a good question. If the first speaker is asking the other person about his opinion of the missing pen, he should say "How did (rather than 'do') you find your missing pen?" and the correct answer should be 'It wrote well' now that the pen is missing.

And the question 'How did you find your missing pen' has another meaning which all answers B, C and D can match.

Am I right to think of the question this way? Could I ask native English speakers to help me? Thank you in advance.


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Oct 19, 2006
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Both the sentence and the answers are just off beam. As you suggest, there are two possible structures:

A: How did you find your missing pen?
B: Wow, quite by chance!

A: How do you find your pen?
B: Wow, it works well.
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