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My son is in the first grade. I had never had any trouble with my son in any way in his education until I moved to another school district ten weeks ago. His teacher wants me to add distractions at home while he does his homework so that he will not get so distracted in the classroom. I had been under the notion that quietness is best for concentration. I know that the teacher has good intentions, however, it seems as she cannot control her students in order to make productivity. My son complains that the kids are too rowdy and often loud. Is she right? If he gets a teacher next year that has a quiet classroom, will the amends this year throw him off? Just very concerned with making the best impression on my son in the few short years that I will be able to make education a love of life. Thank you for your time.

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Oct 19, 2006
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Sorry no-one has come back yet - I have been thinking about this as my sympathies lie on both sides of the question.

It is important to learn how to concentrate while noise or distractions are going on around you. Equally it is valuable to know how to concentrate when everything is quiet.

As to your son, some kind of "white noise" = a radio tuned to something he does not want to listen to, played fairly softly, might be a way of starting him off. The essential thing is to avoid things that will draw his attention from what he is supposed to do.


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Dec 3, 2007
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Dear, donot payheed to the teacher because every child is unique and what works for one may not be suitable to another. So have faith in yourself and follow what your own discretion suggests.If the child can't concentrate in the class due to noise- is the teacher's inefficiency.She is supposed to engage those rowdy children by changing her method of instruction where child's involvement should be taken in to consideration.Active participation of the children works wonderfully they hate to be passive listeners. Maintain your calm atmosphere at home and have peace.
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