[Essay] i dont know what to right about

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Some ideas for paper:

• God and the aspect of religion through the story (religious connotations)
When Rob leaves home disobeying god and his dad,
On island with the cross calendar, and he gets violently ill then he turns to god to help him through, questions god about his life and what will become of him and about his father, when he saves Friday from savages, Friday puts him on a pedestal and Robinson is a god to him

• Money-Weath
Before Robinson gets stranded on the island all he wants is money,
On the island he finds money in the shipwreck and keeps it all but realizes when he leaves the island he will have all this money but on the island it has no use,
When Crusoe gets off the island he goes and finds the money that his parents had left him and then finds out that its has been given to the king and others and he searches them out to get his money back, at all costs.
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