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I don't know why...

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Cathy:  Excuse me, but that happens to be my correcting liquid.
Linda:  Oh, well, can I just borrow it? Mine is dried up .
Cathy:  I’m sorry, but I need it myself. I’ve got a very important letter which has to be done straight away ).
Linda:  But I only need it for a second.
Cathy:  You should look after your own things ― it’s only because you didn’t close yours properly that it ( a.is no longer in use b.was no longer in use c.couldn’t be of use any longer d.is no longer any use ). If I let you have mine, you’ll spoil that, too.
Linda:  Oh, for goodness’ sake. It isn’t yours anyway. It’s provided by the firm. It’s just as much mine as yours. I’m fed up with everybody in this office taking advantage of the fact that I look after things. It’s always the same.
Anne:  Here Linda, take mine. (1)You should know better than to ask her.Linda:  Thanks, Anne. I won’t be long.

question : pls,tell me which one (a-d) is the correct answer.
I thought (c) was correct, and I don't know why (d) and why not (c). After 'be', why can you use the noun phrase "any use" instead of "of use" which functions an adjective. Please,teach me.
question : In the sentense"You should know better than to ask her." which word should be stressed?
In this case, which one word is the most stress word? which one do you think is the best answer?

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Hi reo3,

(d) is vaguely idiomatic, but in any case, it's not a problem involving 'any use' and 'of use'-- (c) would also be acceptable if it read 'can' instead of 'could'. 'Could' is the problem.

'You should know better than to ask her.' In context, the sentence stress is most likely to be on 'HER', with secondary stresses on 'BETter' and 'ASK'. Anne is contrasting Cathy's (her) attitude with every other co-worker's.
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