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Hi Everybody,

I need your help. I have to write an argument about keeping pets and the intoduction is already written with first paragraph of the body by somebody.

Let me show you the eassy which I have to finish it.

To some people, too much money is spent on and too much attention is paid to pet animals, while many human beings throughout the world are starving. Others feel, however, that keeping animals as pets is of great benefit.

People are of the opinion that more and more money is now being spent on a variety of pets such as dogs, cats, birds and so on and that it is wrong to treat them like children when there are money people, especially children, dying of hunger. For example, in many rich countries domestic animals are given better food to eat than poor people. Those who hold this point of view would argue that human beings are more important than animals and as such, deserve to be fed.

Now my problem is I should complete Paragraph #3 by using this notes
others say- pets beneficial help adults/children relate to nature and treat animals better-add own experience.

Also by using the notes below to complete writing Paragraph #4
pets= companion for lonely/ elderly.
Eg. dogs need exercise =
1- healthy
2- meeting people

Now I need somebody just to explain for me these notes, because I tried to understand them, but I don't. :shock:
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