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I think I would like to be an English teacher.

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I am fourty-two years old with grown children. I have found myself at a point in life where I would like a change of pace. Recently I visited the local university to see what classes are available and which would be the best direction for me.

I enjoy literature, English, history, composition and creative outlets. Would you mind sharing with me the general requirements for one who is considering teaching as a vocation? I would also like to know about some of the challenges that are faced daily. I am sure there are questions that need answers that I am not asking. Please feel free to volunteer anything that you think I need to know!

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Nov 24, 2007
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My biggest piece of advice is to find out WHO you most like to work with.
Grade school? Teenagers? College age? Adults? They have quite different learning and behavior styles. I knew I was NOT cut out for grade school when I discovered that the reason so many kids were giggling was because Curt was chewing on my necktie!
Got out of that and several years later found myself teaching Accounting at a business college. That was so much fun I did it for about 20 years. Now at age 77 I am in Thailand, teaching English at a government university in the northeast provinces. A big challenge with their limited English skills but it sure beats retiring and being stuck with daytime TV.
Best of luck to you.
The Oregeezer
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