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“Who are Smarter- Boys or Girls?”

A worldwide controversy is the notion of who are smarter boys or girls .Some people claims that boys are smarter than girls are in every aspect of life while others argue that girls are more intelligent than boys .Every type of those supports his point of view..

Boys are smarter because they are physically stronger, the first group maintains. Their bodies are capable of bearing hard works; such as building .It is very difficult for women to build a house under the hot beams of the sun .This, in turn, qualify boys to be more intelligent because they will have more experience and they will learn a great deal from it.

Although girls are physically weak, they overcome boys mentally, claims the other group. According to a recent research, girls have strong memories that enable them to be better at spelling than boys. The research found out that a nerve in the left side of the brain grows faster in girls than in boys. This nerve is responsible for making girls more intelligent in their early stage in their lives.

However, boys excel in science and math. Since males are goal-oriented, they show a surpassing ability in solving problems. Whenever you talk to a man, about a problem you have or even a political issue, he immediately resorts to giving solutions though you were chatting .He is very practical. It seems that he has an overwhelming tendency to reasoning and solving problems.

On the other hand, girls generally are more successful in arts .They always score high grades in literature courses. The reason behind that is the girls’ emotions are intense and very well nurtured. Because girls have a wonderful ability of sharing experience, they are successful in literature courses. A novel, for example, is an experience that the novelist had. Since boys lack the ability of sharing an experience, most of them find it difficult to cope with those courses.

Boys are goal-oriented, which means that they tend to reason. Their nature forced them to be reasoning creatures. A conversation should have a purpose that is worth considering. Men do not indulge in a useless chat over the phone for several hours for no aim.

Girls, on the other hand, are process-oriented. They narrate what happens not for a purpose other than sharing the experience with a partner. They do not look for solutions like men. For example, men find women’s talk over the phone for several hours boring while women enjoy this because they are telling their story in order to share it with somebody else. They do not seek solutions. You rarely see a woman suggesting a solution to another unless the other asks for it.

Boys are more intelligent than girls are in the outside world. Boys are better at playing out-dooring games. Since boys are almost all the time out of the house playing with the neighboring kids, they know how to play soccer. They know how to deal with other kids if ever they have a fight. They also know directions. For instance, they know where a certain shop is located from the first time they have been there. Girls visit the same shop many times, but they do not know its whereabouts.

Girls are smarter in the domestic arena. They are excellent cooks. They know how to dress properly. They also know how to take care of an infant. In general, they can handle all the homely affairs.

Ultimately, boys do extremely well in the fields where physical and reasoning powers are most likely needed. In the opposite, girls excel in the arenas that require fervent emotions and a strong memory.


Ilona Leki, Academic Writing. P. 367, Cambridge, second edition.

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