if that don’t beat a cat dancing?

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Jenny Lau

May 31, 2003
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I cannot understand this sentence: Well,if that don’t beat a cat dancing!
Here is the context:
Daddy was almost finished unloading his truck when he saw me. “Didn’t you hear me call you, girl?”
I lifted my chin. “We still going to the picture show?”
“I’d sure like to,” said Daddy, “but the boss said I could work this evening. They’re short on hands at the mill.”
“Of all the hateful things!” I yelled. I burst out crying.
“Now, what’s the problem?”
I wiped the tears off my face and glared at him. “You said we’d go to the movies and now we ain’t and I’m mad!”
“Is that so?” said Daddy, glaring right back at me. “What I told you was that we’d go if nothing else came up. Something came up. That storm knocked this tree into Dougal’s yard, and he said I could have it if I got there today. God knows we’ll need the wood and he done provided it and I went and got it. When God fills your needs you got to get yourself to the place of provision. Speaking of which, school starts in a couple weeks and I need to buy clothes for you kids and I’m going to work extra tonight so I can buy them without letting other bills go.”
Well, if that don’t beat a cat dancing! I thought. There was nothing a grown-up couldn’t tell so that kids were blamed for it. I didn’t care about school clothes I needed later. I wanted to be eating popcorn with Roy Rogers and Trigger today!


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Oct 19, 2006
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A cat dancing would be something very unexpected or unusual.

The narrator is saying "surprise, surprise - adults can always find a way to blame children for something".
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