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Mar 19, 2008
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Hi there, this is my first post at this message board and my first step to improve my english.
I think so far i'm able to express myself well. I did the TOEFL test some weeks ago and scored over 100 points which reassuerd me about my english skills.

However i want to improve my language especially my writing skills. I would like to get on an academic level of both reading and writing texts.

My idea was to read academic texts (any idea where to find those?) and
write text analysis and/or comments on those. I would like to post my texts here for you to correct them in the "ask a teacher" or "text analysis" forum.

But firstly i'ld like to collect some useful phrases and vocabulary which i can use in my texts.

Maybe i describe whatfor i need to imürove so it is easier for you to answer. I'm currently a student at school heading for my final examniations in about one month. The english examn is quite important for me. Afterwards i want to study something international wherefor english is absolutly essential.

Do you have or know where to find lists of useful phareses and academic vocabularys esp. focussing on text analysis/literature?

I found a lot of sentence connectors stuff but didnt succeed with those sentences.

I'm also searching for an author who writes in a very elaborate, sophisticated language to copy some pharases and sentences for him. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance . . . :):up:


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Oct 19, 2006
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Welcome to the forums.

Try this: "English literature" analysis - Google Search

Have you tried a search on Google Scholar? Here's a link: Google Scholar

Searches for "text analysis" or "analysis "English literature" texts" or any other related terms will bring up material, some of which is full text.

One observation that must be made is that to write in elaborate language is not necessarily a good practice. It can lead to obscuring the content and argument of texts. I suggest that you continue to practice your writing and post samples on the forum for advice and comment. As you become even better at your use of English, so your English will be come more sophisticated.


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Mar 20, 2008
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Hej... I used my-language level 3 and it really helped with local stuff.... stuff that you wouldn't normally find on any normal course unless you were one 2 one with a teacher who didn't ready the whole time using a textbook.... just a thought!
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