Is this essay idiomatic enough?

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Dec 31, 2003
Dear Teachers,
I got a book about essay writing and I want to learn all the articles in it
by heart. But I need to make sure that they are idiomatic enough. Could you
please just tell me if the following essay is idiomatic enough?
If not, I think
I'll get another one.
Thank you very much.

Movies are very popular nowadays. Early this century they began to flourish,

first as an interesting invention. Very few people realized how well it suited

the demands of the majority of people. People who do not read much want to

spend a great deal of time learning things, especially up-to-date things, and

they want stories. In this case movies serve as entertainment.

Movies are a means of education, too. From movies we can learn much about

things and places that are never able to visit; films about inventions and

discoveries give us scientific knowledge. Films about life adventures in

foreign countries teach us geography. Pictures about historical events teach us

history. Films based upon novels help us to appreciate literature...


Feb 9, 2003
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It needs some editing, but yes, it's in idiomatic English.

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