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Feb 11, 2010
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What is the meaning of "layup" in the following sentences:
"The company had the two inter-related goals with respect to layup of
the steam generators during this period..."​
"Another goal is to be able to treat the layup period as zero time in the evaluation of the inspection interval."​
"Preparations for and results from a trial application of dispersants during steam generator (SG) wet layup at Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 1 during its fall 2009 outage."
"Beyond the TMI-1 trial, additional work is also in progress to qualify wet layup applications generically."​
"Based on a review of outage layup conditions it was theorized
that the observed degradation occurs during an outage when the
steam generator is drained for maintenance..."​

Could you help me with it, please?​


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Sep 13, 2007
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Hi Jach8rkin,

Here is a concise excerpt concerning the term in question:

Lay up (v)
1 : to store up : lay by
2 : to disable or confine with illness or injury <a knee injury laid him up for a week>
3 : to take out of active service
lay up (n) = outage;
boiler layup = a significant length of time during which a boiler is inoperative in order to allow for repairs or preventive maintenance.
[FONT=&quot]Generation Equipment Preservation and [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Layup Services[/FONT]

Sterling Energy has developed and implemented comprehensive preservation programs for 4,500 MW of power generation equipment including turbines, generators, boilers, and auxiliary equipment.
Lay-up = The act or an instance of laying up: budget cuts that forced the lay-up of several ships.
Layup = Laid up = taken out of use and stored until needed to be used again;
Three of our ships are laid up.
(of a person, ill and unable to work)
To be laid up with influenza.

Lay-up boarding is for those horses that have been injured or are recovering from surgery. It is not for horses with contagious illnesses.

(bank) (layup = informal; an order to a broker that can be executed easily. Layups are made on highly liquid securities at a reasonable price.

(golf) "Lay up" is a term that can be used as a noun, verb or adjective, but always describes the same thing: choosing to hit a shot shorter than you are capable of in order to avoid a hazard or to position the ball in a certain spot.
In life you can choose to lead, follow, or get out of the way. In our translation that means you can make the decision to NEVER LAY UP™ or you can just take your ball and go home.
basketball layup = eat the defender to the spot you are going to jump from and finish at the rim. Basketball layups require full-court, full-speed practice with both hands and taking the right angle to the basket.
Layup = a type of shot made from just under the basket and, typically, off the backboard
One of the main field shots is the layup, in which the shooter, while close to the basket, jumps and lays the ball against the backboard so it will rebound into the basket or just lays it over the rim. Away from the basket, players use a one-hand push shot from a stride, jump, or standing position and a hook shot, which is overhead. Some players can dunk or slam-dunk the ball, jamming the ball...
Shooting a layup is one of the most basic and fundamental basketball skills.


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