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Dear teachers,

Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am right with my interpretation of the expressions in bold in the following sentences?

Asimov's extraordinary output of 10 books a year did not let up , even after he suffered a heart attack in 1977 and triple bypass surgery two years later.

Grandfather has been working all his life. When is he going to let up?

The doctor has been working for fifty hours without letting up.

Jim ran all the way home without letting up once.

let up = to do less or go slower or stop; relax; stop working or working hard

When will this rain let up?

It's raining as hard as ever. It's not letting up at all.

let up = to become less, weaker, or quiet; become slower or stop; subside; go flat-out

Let up on Jane. She is sick.

let up on = to become easier, kinder, or less strict

John pitched a ball that was very fast and the batter missed it. Then he let up on the next pitch and the batter was badly fooled.

Let up on the next pitch = to pitch the next ball at less than full speed in baseball

More layoffs and growth of prices expect the directors of companies in Bulgaria. More layoffs of personnel are expected.

There are (or is) a large numbers of layoffs in the building industry.

layoffs = plural of “layoff” = the act of laying off an employee or a work force

Managers from industry and construction business are pessimistic in their assessment of the current economic situation in Bulgaria.

They made a careful assessment of the situation.

In retail trade both the assessment of the present situation and the expectancies have worsen and more retail companies expect growth of prices during the next quarter.

assessment = the act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone; evaluation

An assessment was prepared, based upon the supposed population of the Colonies.

assessment = taxation; levy
Poteroba also required to be worn on the ankle, a sensor that signals the judicial department oversight of his whereabouts.
Her present whereabouts are a secret.
whereabouts = approximate location, occurrence, residence

Tom hit a home run in the last inning of the game when the chips were down.

When the chips were down, the two countries decided not to have war.

when the chips were down = when the winner and loser of a bet or a game are decided; at the most important or dangerous time

On the same day in Chicago was arrested another Russian - a native of Kemerovo 36-year-old Alexei, who was allegedly secretly received from Poteroby confidential information about upcoming mergers and acquisitions of six pharmaceutical companies.

allegedly = as assert (ordinary about, that not corresponds reality), (ordinary unsubstantiated)

Those who knew about it beforehand, could make good money.

He would rather to pay his rent beforehand.

beforehand = being ahead of time or need; in advance

You are rather beforehand in your conclusions.

You are making too hasty conclusions.
beforegand = over-hasty

The indictment in this case consists of four points.

indictment = a formal document written for a prosecuting attorney charging a person with some offense

For each of these friends face up to 20 years in prison and a fine up to $ 5 million.

Every young father has to face up to his responsibilities.

She is too young to face up to the truth about her father.

face up = reconcile something unpleasant (to); be ready meet (to)

To face up to one's responsibilities perform its debt.

face up = to be ready (to something); meet boldly

She brought in an indictment against me.

to bring in an indictment against someone = to lay an indictment against someone

The court-appointed counsel, James Newman countered that his client, apparently, is heading the investigation, acknowledged responsibility for his acts and has a U.S. wife and two children, so it can be released on bail.

All defendants are entitled to be released on bail while awaiting trial?

bail = release from imprisonment provided by the payment of such money.

release on bail = let out on bail; remand a prisoner on bail; let to bail

Thank you for your efforts.




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Let up on Jane. She is sick.- I'd use 'go easy on Jane' or something like that.
You are rather beforehand in your conclusions.- I'd use premature here.
it can be released on bail.- he can...
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