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I want to improve my listening skill. I watch english program every signle but it doesn't seem to improve my listening skill at all. I watch comedy, cartoon, news, show, ...

Any tips on listening skill by watching tv?

Cheers. :!:


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Sep 21, 2003
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phalkun said:
I want to improve my listening skills. I watch English programs every single night/day but it doesn't seem to improve my listening skills at all. I watch comedies, cartoons, news, shows, and so on.

Any tips on improving listening skills by watching TV?

Cheers. :!:

Have you considered investing in a DVD player? If so, repetition and variety are the keys to improving listening skills! :D

Go down to your video store and rent 30 minute documentaries, or other new-like films or comedies, especially the kind of DVDs that have subtitles in English and other language (i.e., your first language). DVDs works best for that. :wink:

Program the DVD machine so that the audio is in "English" and the sub-titles are in your first language. Now, follow these steps:

1) Watch the film. Listen to the English audio as you read the subtitles in your native language. Focus on meaning.
2) Watch the film again, but this time with English audio and English subtitles. Focus on pronunciation and intonantion.
3) Watch the film again, this time without subtitles. Focus on listening only.

All the best, :D
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