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Marshall's 02320566 Ma Tianqi

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Marshall (Ma Tianqi)

Room1505, No117, BAI YU Road
Shanghai P.R. China


Telephone: 62227855


Email: marshall136@hotmail.com or lovoe@163.com

Job I want: arrangement and creat of program

Company information:
the branch organization of TVB of Hongkong in Shanghai
Address: No45 jiangsu Road
Postcode: 200067

Telephone: 62457767


Dear Mr. Tchung (CEO):

I am longing for position of program planning and designing of tvb, which
is published in your website:

I am the student of Shanghai University, my major is International Trade
and will be graduated in 2005. TVB is the most famous orgnization in the
world. Working in the company is my honnor.

Although I am a rookie, I am good at computer and English and I like
Hongkong culture and TV program very much. I also has definite knowledge
about making Hongkong TV style. I has a 7-months working experience in TVB
in Hongkong. So I think I can be competent for the job. I will enclose my
resume and you will know more about my details and I hope I can get a
chance to get an interview with you!
I am very glad you can take out your precious time to read my letter
and I am looking forward to your good reply.

Here is my experience

Education: 2002/09—now: Shanghai University--Sydney Institution of
Language and Commerce

Special Skills: Commerce knowledge, Computer skills, foreign language
Hobbies/Interests: Music, Sporting Piano
specialist: German French Shanghai's and Cantonese.
Truly, yours
Marshall Moo


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Nov 13, 2002
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Job I want: arrangement and creat of program

I suggest youresearch the actual name first. Also,don't use 'I want'- it is considered a bit rude for a formal letter.;-)
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