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I am a french medicine student (from Angers) and I have to write a report to describe the department in which i did my attachment.
It will be very nice if anyone can correct it (grammar, ortography...)

English report

Assay subject:

Describe the department in which you did your attachment in the teaching hospital.
What did you do? (Personal contribution)
Your impressions and feelings (personal experience)

Before the beginning of the second year of the first stage (after competitive examination), medical students have to go on a training course in a department of the teaching hospital (or an other hospital of the district) in order to learn nursing. I did my attachment in the hospital of Cholet in the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation. To begin with, I will describe the department and his organization. Then I will explain what I did during my attachment and my impressions.

Physical rehabilitation center of Cholet has 35 beds. The center is housed in the hospital of Cholet but not in the principal building: it is located at the adjacent principal building; as a result it is a peaceful center. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is the field of medicine that is primarily involved in improving the functional ability and quality of life of people with congenital or acquired disabilities.
The department welcomes patients who have had surgery for joint replacements or fractures, limb amputation or people who have had cerebral vascular accident (stroke). Smashed up people and seriously injured patients can receive medical and physical treatment too. Therefore in the rehabilitation services there are different age patients with different impairments.
The rehabilitation program is designed to help patients achieve favourable performance results in self-care, mobility, communication, strength and cognitive functioning, in order to improve quality of life and greater independence. The goal is to provide the highest level of care for patients: the nursing staff works with each patient to establish goals and treatment plans.
Rehabilitation team is composed of different (and many) professionals: physiatrists (medical doctor who has specialized in the area of physical medicine and rehabilitation.), physiotherapists, ergotherapists, clinical psychologists, clinical dieticians, speech therapists, nurses and nurse’s aides (some may rotate among departments). Patients are requested to play an active role in their rehabilitation program. Therapists use various techniques like balneotherapy, electric stimulations, massages, in a spacious work area.
Furthermore another structure is offered for patients who don’t need round-the-clock attention. These patients come each day to work at the center and leave the center in the evening.

The first day of my attachment, the matron received me. A physician gave us a hygiene training (we were 6 medical students in the hospital).
Right from the beginning I have been integrated in the nursing staff. Throughout the first week, I have followed nurse’s aides. So I did the housework: I dusted furniture, I scrubbed the floor, and I made the beds. But nurse’s aide’s work is not only the household chores: patients are often bedridden (an paralyzed too), accordingly nurse’s aides and I had to wash patients, dress them, as well as we should have helped them to get up or to put to bed. I answered signal bells to determine patient’s needs. Nurse’s aides serve food trays too, so I fed patients who require help to eat. Patients in hospitals require 24-hour care; consequently, nurses and nurse’s aides may work an eight-hour shift, nights and weekends. I worked most often in the morning because there was more work than the daytime remain.
Then the second week, I acted as nurse. Each morning, I made blood samples and blood sugar tests, I gave injections, I felt the pulse of patients and I took blood pressures. During my attachment, I have learnt all these technical gestures. Nurses worked closely with doctors to make sure their orders were carried out and notified or consulted with doctors when problems occurred, in this way I was often with physicians who explained me patient’s diseases. I also gave medications and treatments. In my opinion nurse’s job is more interesting than nurse’s aide’s job because I seemed to tend more the patients when I was nurse. One thing is important in this job: nurses must observe rigid standardized guidelines to guard them (and patients) against disease and other dangers, such as accidental needle sticks, chemicals used to sterilize instruments. In addition, they are vulnerable to back injury when moving patients and hazards posed by compressed gases.
During the third and fourth week, I still worked with nurses but I also was with physiotherapists and ergotherapists. I was allowed to spend time with the head nurse (the matron). The head nurse directs nursing activities, she plans work schedules and assign duties to nurses and aides, provides or arranges for training, and visits patients to observe nurses and to ensure that the patients receive proper care. She also may ensure the records are maintained and equipment and supplies are ordered, she is in charge of patient’s admission too.
Physical therapists work to improve with patients to improve their ability to walk, whether unassisted or with the help of walker, cane or wheelchair. Ergotherapists provide treatment for people with physical or emotional impairment (not all patients) to increase their abilities in self care, home management, work and leisure (so life in general). I could have learnt some techniques of relaxation and massage, it was very interesting.
I could have performed, with the physiatrist, EMGs (electromyograms) and nerve conduction studies to evaluate people for problems with their muscles and nerves. I also have attended gastroscopy and NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) examinations.

It was sometimes difficult: when boy who is 20 years old is paralyzed and bedridden because of a car crash, you have to be strong morally. It is the same for people who were in the end of their life. I had to stand back and to have affection communication skills. What we could see or we could smell is sometimes loathsome, for example when I dressed a wound….
I think I am strong enough (physically and morally) to be physician. We need emotional stability to cope with human suffering, emergencies, and other stresses.



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Hi, Joss- I'll start:
Before the start of the second year of the first stage (after a\the competitive examination), medical students have to go on a training course in a department of the teaching hospital (or another hospital in the district) in order to learn nursing. I did my attachment in the hospital of Cholet in the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation. To begin, I will describe the department and its organization. Then I will explain what I did during my attachment and my impressions.

I'm not happy with the word 'attachment', but can't think of a better word- I'll come back later as I'm going into class now. ;-)
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