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My problems with TOEFL

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Hi my teacher,

I was very happy to see this web site which I hope that I can find sufficient answers for my questions about TOEFL.

I have some major difficulties in both Listening Section and Reading Section.
In the listening section, I got more mistakes in both PART B and Part C (Long Dialogues). DO you have a good strategy for coming over this obstacle?
Also, in the reading section, my mistakes are only in the inference questions and the vocabulary questions? How can get rid of those mistakes?

I am not living in an English speakers country so I got in my practice test no more than (540-570). I want to get more than (585) in my next International TOEFL exam which includes a TWE exam. Can YOU help me? I do need your highly appreciated advices in this regard.

I forgot to tell you that the TOEFL test is a paper-based test and I hope if you can help me to send me an e-mail to (ashosaki@yahoo.com).

Thank you my teacher. Ash.


Feb 9, 2003
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I looked for something specifically about TOEFL. I didn't find anything on that, but I did find something interesting. Go to: https://www.usingenglish.com/english-articles.html.

Perhaps Tdol can be more helpful.

(Say: "I need your advice")
(Say: "on the test" or "on the exam")

Not open for further replies.