NATO Secretary General congratulated the President-elect Donald on his election victory (Can you please help me if there are any grammatical issues )


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Jul 28, 2009
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I would like to know if there are any grammatical issues in my sentence above. I appreciate your support in advance.
Always write complete sentence. Don't thank us in advance, though.
I don't know. Can you please let me know what the grammatical issues are?
Remember to punctuate the end of every sentence.

I really appreciate your comments and I will put take them into my consideration in my English learning. English

For what? Please clarify.
Can you please clarify what's what the issue is for in this sentence?
I get it now. It should be "Trump". Is that only the issue?
So, it should be "That’s despite Trump’s opposite opinion to NATO". Am I right? now

@Mona Ibrahim - please note all the corrections I've made above to each response you've made in this thread. You're making really basic errors. If you concentrate on getting those right, we'll spend less time correcting them, you'll spend less time reading them, and we can all concentrate on the content and the grammar of your posts. You must work on your punctuation.