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Jun 22, 2004
Topic: What are the disadvantage and advantage of computers?

I use a computer all the time. I enjoy browsing the internet. The disadvantage of a computer is that I tend to rely on it a lot. The advantage is that it helps me get my schoolwork done.

The first time I began using a computer was when I was in grade eleven. I rely on the computer a lot. Everyday, I use a computer for seven hours. Before owning a computer, I used to use information from books I borrow from the library to do my research paper. Now, when I have a research paper assignment, I tend to rely on information I get from the internet. I like reading books off the internet. In the pas, I go to the library to borrow books.

The computer is very useful. I use it to get my work done. All my professors only accept research assignments typed on a computer and printed. When I have a research paper to do, I enjoy using information from the internet because it is convenient. In addition, I use the internet to communicate with my friends. I find it easy to find help from friends on the internet.

Computers are very useful and convenient. However, they cause me to rely on them a lot. Without them, I would have trouble getting my work done.


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Nov 13, 2002
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I don't agree with Ahmed at all here. It is correct to say 'I use a computer' and incorrect to say 'I use computer'. I would also use 'the' in the last example. When we are thinking of the individual machines, the noun is countable, so the singular requires a determiner. When we are thinking of the concept, it is uncountable, but generally takes the definite article, as in 'The computer is very useful'. With the 'disadvantage of a computer', I would be tempted to use 'the' as I am thinking about computing in general.
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