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Apr 21, 2004
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(Teachers, would you correct it if you get some time. Thanks)

Sometimes the days begins with nothing to look forwar to. Waking up in the early morning to see I have consecutive teaching hours makes me headachy. Hopefully I view each classroom as a stage, and all I have to do is act, act and act.

"Thanks for joining my class, see you next time." will be the last sentence I uttered before I leave the classroom.

If I stay in the classroom any second longer after class dismissed, I'll be trapped in students who has endless questions to ask. I'm glad they study English hard, just that I can't afford to answer all of them and I do need a break, I need to remove(???) my mask and calm down for a while.

I don't quite enjoy routine.

But today, waking up early seems to be a good idea. On my way to one cram school, as usual, I went to a store where sells lovely stuff about dogs, including bookbags, stationery, shirts, cups and so on. I love the designer's idea and her unique drawings. This morning I met this famous designer, in the flesh! We exchanged opinions about drawing pictures and we had a nice chat. The following drawing was inspired by her.

Touch me here:pope the dog

Blacknomi *smiling*


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Nov 13, 2002
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Sometimes the days begins with nothing to look forwar to.

begin...forward ;-)
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