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I have some difficulty in understanding the following entences. Could anyone give me a hand?

1. The subject of often intense negotiation between journalists and their editors, as well as their sources, news frames help to render an infinity of noticeable details into practicable repertoires.

2. The invocation of a news frame is not to be viewed as a means to preclude the encoding of information which might explicit politicize the seemingly impartial definitions of social reality of offer.

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Re: new frames

Hi Mei,

The following document might help you understand the use of news frame:

The term seems to be used in the sense of a frame of reference, scenario or area.

To quote from the document above:

The findings suggest that the notion that the press builds most stories around just a couple of story telling frames, such as conflict, is untrue. Newspapers, at least in their front pages, employ a variety of frames, and no one of them dominates.

The study identified thirteen possible frames for news stories to test our hypotheses on what we think journalists commonly use. The frames were:

Straight news account: No dominant narrative frame other than outlining the basic who, what, when where, why and how

Conflict Story: A focus on conflict inherent to the situation or brewing among the players

Consensus Story: An emphasis on the points of agreement around an issue or event

Conjecture Story: A focus around conjecture or speculation of what is to come Process

Story: An explanation of the process of something or how something works Historical

Outlook: How the current news fits into history

Horse Race: Who is winning and who is losing

Trend Story: The news as an ongoing trend

Policy Explored: A focus on exploring policy and its impact

Reaction Story: A response or reaction from one of the major players

Reality Check: A close look into the veracity of a statement made or information given

Wrongdoing Exposed: The uncovering of wrongdoing or injustice

Personality Profile: A profile of the newsmaker

I'll wait to see what the others think. ;-)

Hope this helps.
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