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can "thousands and thousands" be the noun in a sentence? My high school and college English teachers would have flipped, demanding, "thousands and thousands of what?"

sentence in question: the image of thousands and thousands standing before the throne.....

Please help. Frustrating debate.

David L.

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Nov 7, 2007
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Your sentence would not appear in splendid isolation. I would not walk into a room, utter the words, and then ask, "What's for tea?"
In a piece of writing:
"His subjects were loyal to the point of adoration. Each year, they would gather in the palace grounds to celebrate his birthday. The image of thousands and thousands standing before the throne is indelible for any tourist who has witnessed this cult-like obsession."

The context makes it clear that 'subjects', the noun, has been omitted; and the meaning is preserved. It is not that 'thousands and thousands' assumes the role of noun in the sentence.
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