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only a little/few

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Oct 30, 2007
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Raymond Murphy says in ENGLISH GRAMMAR IN USE: Note that 'only a little' and 'only a few' have a negative meaning.

I'd like to know how to ask a tag question to a sentence with 'only a little/ few':
We've got only a little time, (have we, haven't we)?

Thank you in advance.

David L.

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Nov 7, 2007
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I think...think...he means that it can have a negative meaning.
"It will require only a few highly trained soldiers to secure the capture of this stronghold"
"It takes only a little time out of your day to visit your mother but it means the world to her."
I don't see the use in these sentences as 'negative'.

When you are tagging a statement, such as you quote, with a question, what you are asking is,'..isn't that so?' (...is that not so?"), or ...'isn't that right...?' ('is that right or not?')
So in your example, it would be:
We've got only a little time, haven't we?
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