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Jun 22, 2004
have you seen the old batman show ( i mean the really own ones) that has a lot of sound effect for example when batman punches penguin the word bang pops up (plus the sound too)

its basically a sound that describe the situation or action
well thats an onomatopoeia :D


Senior Member
Jul 24, 2003
daria said:
Is there a broader definition of onomatopoeia?

I have spent some time working on this and would like to share. Yes, there is a broader definition of onomatopoeia beyond merely imitating animal voices and actions. [AHD's "Imitative" falls into a narrower definition]

Narrow definition:
animal voices: meow, bow-wow
action: boom, click, rumble

Broad definition:
Some hold that any sound effect is one, for example: rattle, whistle, whine. Below is what I got from 2 sources from the Internet:

"Strictly speaking, the formation or use of words which imitate sounds, like whispering, clang, and sizzle, but the term is generally expanded to refer to any word whose sound is suggestive of its meaning whether by imitation or through cultural inference. "

"Human actions:
Aha, ahoy, chomp, clap-clap, crunch, gulp, gurgle, hush, rap, screech, slap, slurp, achoo/sneeze, ouch, tap, whoops/oops."
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