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order of early phonetic production

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I wonder if there's a corpus or a table showing the most common progression of the learning of phonetic sounds in the English language. One person told me that the 'th' sound in 'the' and I believe the 'z' sound in 'garage' were about the last phonetic sounds acquired by native English speaking children. I'm trying to cover the whole English language, all of the sounds, so that my child can meet them all, not by just reading the dictionary to him, before he reaches the age of 3 and getting him to reproduce as many of them as I can. We are not in an English speaking country, it's pretty much up to me to create the basic linguistic environment I think he needs.
The problem isn't finding the phonetic sounds, but the stages or order of acquisition.
Does anybody out there know? Is there anybody out there?
It would be great to hear from you.
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