other meanings?

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I would like to know if the expression "deferred from" only means postpone or does it have other meanings as well?


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Sep 13, 2007
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Hi Emsi,

There are some definitions and examples concerning the expression in question:

defer (v)
  1. To put off; postpone.
  2. To postpone the induction of (one eligible for the military draft).
The session of the committee was have to be deterred.
The judge decided to defer judgment.

Collocations: defer an arrangement / a decision.

To delay temporarily (a promise is more or less implied to “do it” later). Chiefly used in official language. Defer is rather more official than postpone; often “to a later data” is added.
  1. Postponed or delayed: deferred gratification; deferred military draft.
  2. Withheld until a future date: deferred benefits; a deferred payment.
Because of his job,, along with the maltings manager, was deferred from joining the army.
…to decide if actions/measures are required immediately or they can be deferred.
because we feel very strongly that the pension is deferred pay, it is deferred salary,
.. how far do you imagine this being deferred,..
And also capable of being abandoned, lifted, deferred , set aside, ignored is the option are using if report authorities..
Around half returned almost immediately, while half deferred their studies for a year.
For example, there's an unusually long deferred completion date.
Between the date of the transfer into settlement and the date of the deferred sale.
Plans to upgrade parts of Cross Country routes for higher speeds were also deferred.
Consideration of rules and regulations was deferred to the next meeting.
Discussion was deferred until the October meeting.




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Oct 19, 2006
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I would like to know if the expression "deferred from" only means postpone or does it have other meanings as well?

It would also help to have your complete context.
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