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over,call in and go through

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Feb 15, 2008
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Hi, these're my three questions, thanks for your help!:-D

(Script's from Priosn Break 01x04)
Pope - Putting him in with Haywire is a low blow, Deputy.
Bellick - What? The shrink cleared Haywire for reentry into gen pop. Besides, he's so doped up on meds, he's like a kitten these days.
P - A kitten who murdered both his parents.
B - Well, all due respect, sir. If you give Scofield preferential treatment, it'll undermine your credibility. I know you got a soft spot for the guy because he's got brains in his head, and he's helping you with that contraption in there, but the guy's a violent criminal. He deserves punishment just as much as the rest of these guys.
P - You have been here long enough to know that I'm less interested in punishment than I am in rehabilitation. And sticking him in with Haywire is not rehabilitation in my book.
B - You delegated authority over gen pop to me, boss.(1. What does "over" mean in this sentence? Does Bellick mean Pope delegated authority to him more than he delegated to a gen pop? or it just means Pope delegated authority of being charge of gen pop to him?)
P - I know I did.
B - Then, you either gotta let me do my job, or pass it on to somebody else.
P - Now, Brian, go easy. There's a reason I'm giving you more and more responsibility. When I retire, I'm recommending you to take my place. Don't make me regret it. All I'm saying is, take another look at the Scofield situation. I trust your judgment.
B - Yes, sir.

Police Officer - You the one who was looking for me?
Veronia - Yeah, I wanted to ask you some questions about the Lincoln Burrows case.
P.O. - Yeah?
V - I'm Veronica Donovan. I'm representing Lincoln on his appeal.
P.O. - What about it?
V - You were the first one to respond to Lincoln's apartment the night of the murder, right?
P.O. - That's right.
V - Look, I'd really appreciate if you could just tell me exactly what you saw.
P.O. - Dispatch called in with a tip that Burrows was seen running from the garage where they found Terrence Steadman.(2. What does "call in" mean in this sentence?) So, we went over to Burrows's place. We spread out. Entered the bathroom, that's where I saw your client washing out the bloody pants. Police! Hands up! I don't need to tell you it was Steadman's blood, do I?
V - In the report that you typed up that night, you said that you saw Lincoln standing in the bathroom, that's all. Later, you testified that you saw him washing the pants, which one is it?
P.O. - Does it matter?
V - Did you actually see him washing the pants, or not?
P.O. - Yes. He stood up, turned around, his hands were all wet, looking guilty as hell.
V - Your testimony factored into his conviction. You know that, right?
P.O. - You know, lady, if you got any other questions, just go through the department.(3. In this sentecne, does "go through" mean to look for, or to find out in the department?)

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Nov 24, 2007
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Authority 'over' someone means that that person is required to do as you tell them. So Bellick is the person delegated to supervise the gereral population(gen pop) of the prison.
Gen Pop would NOT include special populations like death row or psychiatric cases.

"Call in" probably refers to a radio call from the dispatch center to a police car on patrol.

to "go through the department" means: "Do not talk directly to me - get the offical version from the public relations officer of the department."
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