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Palm reading is a kind of ancient wisdom that are not confined to the Orient but it ever existed long before the emergence of Christianity in the West.
In general, people believe that palm reading for male is based on the left hand whereas female is on the right. This actually is a misconception and the logic is a little far-fetched.
Even though lines in both hands are quite similar but the depth and length of them are not entirely identical. In this case, in order to foresee the future from a broader perspective, we need to take two hands as a whole for potent analysis.
Face reading is not only to reveal one's personality, health condition, business undertaking, marriage and luck. It is also an integrated knowledge of biology, psychology, statistics.
It is believed that what we think in mind will be reflected on our face as time passes by for a period of time.
Those with good hearts and minds will soon grow a more radiant and friendly face.
Feng shui is a study of our surrounding environments that are closely related to what life would bring. Good or bad feng shui is a matter of Chi ( energy ) flowing in a specific area.
From feng shui perspective, a balance environment must be in accordance with balance of the five elements that form the Universe - metal, wood, water, fire, earth. And each has its own position in an area.
For example - An ideal home is supposed to have plants ( wood ) in the East, something in red color ( fire ) in the South, TV or radio set ( metal ) in the West, a water-filled enclosure ( water ) for fish or other aquatic animals in the North. All four elements are surrounding the fifth element ( earth - the floor ) in the middle.
As far as palm reading is concerned people often refer to the following different lines:
The heart line
The head line
The life line
The fate line
The partner(s) lines
Face reading may be more scientific and telling than the palm lines. There are several allusions to types of face and that kindness is reflected on faces. Psychology and religion often refer to face as the mirror of the soul. In Quran for instance there is a text which puts people in two categories:
Those with hard (rough) faces
Those with tender (soft) faces

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