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parents and teenaged children's decisions. please check it for me!~

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Apr 6, 2008
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1. do you agree or disagree with the following statement? parents or other adults should make important decisions for their older teenaged children. use specific... support your opinion.

Parents and adult relatives are experienced so they can give children useful advice. Besides, teenaged children are in sensitive time of their life. Any change may affect their whole life in the future, so they need a right way to follow. In this situation, parents and adult relatives are the best leaders. Moreover, family members must be the closest and also the most understanding ones. To their knowledge about the children, the older would give the younger suitable advice. all above are good reasons to believe that: parents and adult relatives should make important decisions for their teenaged children.

Indeed, children can easily get confused between new problems, in these cases, the experienced like parents have answers for them. Imagine a 15-year-old girl feels like a friend in her class. The child finds very passionate for this and sometime ignores studying. Fortunately, her mother already experienced this feeling when she was a teenager, and certainly knows that it wouldn’t lead to a result because they are too young to realize true love. Since mother understands problem opportunely, she makes decision which helps avoid regrettable mistake.

Besides, teenager is the age of sensitive feelings. Also only a small decision either will let children to right way or make them regret in their whole life. At the age of 16, we are falling in love, should we get married or continue studying? Obliviously, the second choice is much more reasonable. However, the young may not understand this since they are “blind in love”. Luckily, their parents are beside. They are really helpful when analyzing advantages and disadvantages of each choice. This will help children have better view about the problem. Parents’ decision will help “silly-because-of-love” children not have to regret.

In addition, family members are apparently the closest ones. The time they live together makes them understand each other most. Therefore, in front of any problem, parents will have the best view about children and their trouble. “You are not mature enough to study abroad”, said a 14-year-old girl’s father. The girl is too young, and also because she has lived in a full family for that long 14 years, she can’t sustain in a without-family life immediately. So, the father’s decision in this case is the best.

From the above reasons, I believe letting parents and adults relatives make important decisions for teenaged children is the best choice.


Feb 9, 2003
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The girl has deep feelings for another and because of that she might ignore her studies.
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