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Passive form

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Mar 27, 2007
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The blue colour are my answers.

Change the following sentences to passive form.
Be sure to keep the same tense!

1. The court will try the case next week.
The case will be tired by the court next week.

2. His landlord asked him to move.
He was asked to move by his landlord.

3. The heavy rains are ruining the crops.
The crops are being rained by the heavy rains.

4. A garage mechanic recognized the suspected killer.
The suspected killer is being recognized by a garage.

5. Both houses of Congress have already passed the bill.
The bill have already been passed by both houses of Congress.

6. The fire has entirely destroyed the house.
The house is destroyed entirely by the fire.

7. The store will deliver the furniture we ordered next week.
The furniture we ordered at the store will be delivered next week.

8. All the students respect the new English teacher.
The new English teacher is being respected by all the students.

9. His friends have recently given a party in his honor.
A party (in his honor) has been recently given by his friends.

10. The repairman is repairing the refrigerator now.
The refrigerator is respairing by the repairman now.

11. A well-known art collector is donating several paintings.
The several paintings are donating by a well-known art collector.

12. The contractors were still building the stadium when a strike halted all construction. (change both verbs)
The contractors are still building the stadium while a strike halted all construction.

13. Their travel agrent will have carefully planned their itinerary long before they start on their trip.
Before they start on their trip, their travel agent will have carefully planned their itinerary long.

14. A beautiful girl wearing a little white apron was serving the beverages.
The beverages was served by a beautiful girl wearing a little white apron.
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David L.

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Nov 7, 2007
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1. typo - should be 'tried'

4. check the tenses

5. check - which noun is the verb referring to? What's wrong with it?

6. tenses

7. check that you have actually changed this to passive tense

Perhaps if you do those first, and can learn from those corrections, then you might be able to see any errors in the others yourself.
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