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person specification

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What does it means person specification in the next sentence "Please find attached an application form, job description, person specification and reference request."?

I have an application that says "person specification" but I do not know who it is suppose to fill it in.

In the first paragraph says "This form is intended to assist appointing officers in the selection process. Having ensured the relevant job description is up to date when a post is to be advertised, you should use this form to list the personal requirements which are necessary to perform the job effectively. In the right hand column you should briefly describe the essential (not ideal) requirements a successful candidate should meet.".

Am I the appointing officers? I should clarify that I am a candidate.

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It sounds rather strange to me- it's something that the employer should fill, not the applicant, IMO. It should be where they detail what they are looking for. ;-0
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