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phrasal verbs

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I am learning english as a second language. I can understand the plain english. but when it comes to phrasal verbs, they act as a stumbling block for me. As phrasal verbs are made of verb+preposition or verb+adverb or verb +preposition+adverb, it is the property of phrasal verbs which confuses me most. I find it difficult to learn them. so I wanted to know what can i do to improve my knowledge of phrasal verbs.


Aug 27, 2006
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The key to mastering phrasal verbs is using them as often as possible, then they will obviously become part of your daily vocabulary.


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Apr 10, 2010
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Phrasal verbs can be either idioms or verbs ending in prepositions. When the phrasal verbs constitute idioms, you should look up them in idiom dictionaries, as you know you cannot perceive them word by word. It doesn't matter with the verbs ending in prepositions because you can understand them according to each of their meanings. What is important is that you don't learn them all separately from their contexts because their meanings depend on the contexts where they are used.:-D
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