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Planning a dinner party

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I know that there is an activity in a book somewhere but I can't remember the title. It requires the students to plan an imaginary dinner party. They choose what they will eat and drink, who they will invite and where those people will sit.
Does this ring a bell with anyone?


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Aug 17, 2006
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Only the dinner bell. :)

I can't remember ever seeing an exercise like that in any ESL book, Joyous. Good luck with your search tho'.

I had a friend, still do actually, whose name was Joy and we called her Joyful.


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Sep 15, 2008
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I believe the activity you're referring to is this one (ESL Activity Formal Dinner Party April 12, 2005 INTRODUCTORY MATERIAL Guest List)

This is the html version - you can also download it as a pdf.

I'm putting together a lesson plan at the moment with activities incorporating a similar activity (and a few more) to practice counters ('a roll of tape', 'a tube of toothpaste', etc) in my forum - which is how I found your post...

Come and check it our when it's finished if you're keen (In the Classroom... - Index)

Cheers :cool:

Mark Best
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