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Oct 19, 2006
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"Take the plea" is related to pleading guilty or not guilty.

Could you give the full context since there can be differences in interpretation.


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Sep 13, 2007
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Hi sule_toptas,

There are some more definitions and examples concerning the matter in question.

plea (n)
a request that is urgent or full of emotion
plea for
a plea for help
Caldwell made a plea for donations.
plea to
The parents made an emotional plea to their child's kidnappers.

a statement by someone in a court of law saying whether they are guilty or not:
a guilty plea
make/enter a plea
Adams entered a plea of 'not guilty'.

plea bargaining [uncountable]
SCL when someone agrees to admit in court that they are guilty of one crime, in exchange for not being charged with a more serious crime
plea an earnest request; an appeal: spoke out in a plea for greater tolerance.

the answer of the accused to a criminal charge or indictment: entered a plea of not guilty.

a special answer depending on or demonstrating one or more reasons why a suit should be delayed, dismissed, or barred in equity law.

If charged with a felony but than take plea for guilty for a misdemeanor is there still a felony on your record?

in this situation the person will only have a misdemeanor on his/her record.

To make an agreement in which a defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge and the prosecutor in return drops more serious charges.

plea bargain - (criminal law) a negotiation in which the defendant agrees to enter a plea of guilty to a lesser charge and the prosecutor agrees to drop a more serious charge; "his admission was part of a plea bargain with the prosecutor"; "plea bargaining helps to stop the courts becoming congested"

What is a plea bargain?


A lesser charge the prosecutors in court offer you.
So they don’t have to take it to trial.
Cause it costs the city lots of time and money.
Should I take the plea bargain?

If I were you I'd reject the plea.

She made a plea bargain, admitting a reduced charge of assault in return for Joe Buttafuoco escaping sex charges.
His admission was part of a plea bargain with independent counsel (special prosecutor) Lawrence E. Walsh.
The plea bargain agreed between Exxon, the Justice Department and the state of Alaska.


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