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Please correct my grammar for these sentence. Thanks

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Jan 16, 2008
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1. Did you receive the original documents which as we mentioned on February 20 and please confirm us your pay date of the following invoice today.

2. As per Kevin's advise that, you have been accept our L/C discrepancy and release the payment to us on 14 February. However, we did not receive you payment until today. There is 12 days ago? Could you please double check the status and confirm us this today. Thank you for your help.

3. This is remind you to send 2 pcs shipment samples to our China office again. Please note that we will not pay the invoice if the required sample is not received.
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Feb 27, 2008
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Whew! Not sure what you meant in these sentences, but here's a try:
1. Did you receive the documents mentioned February 20? Please confirm when we may expect payment.
2. As per Kevin, you accepted our L/C discrepancy and agreed to pay by February 14. Payment has not been received. Please contact us immediately with the status.
3. This is a reminder to resend 2 pcs shipment samples to our China office. Payment will be sent as soon as these are received.
Hope this helps!
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