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Please correct my resume and cover letter.

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Jo 1982

Jo Gu
Room 502 No.61, South Jing Yu Road
Shanghai, China
Mobile Phone: 13601805658
E-mail: xuejingling1982@hotmail.com

Seeking managerial position in the sales department of an international trade company.


4 years of marketing analysis learning
Personal ability of planning, organizing, and interpersonal communicating
Computer literate: Windows XP, Microsoft Office, and Dream weaver4.0
Native Chinese Speaker fluent in English: speaking, writing, reading
Relevant English certificates:
1. CET-6, January 2003.
2. CET-4, June 2002.


Shanghai University Shanghai, China
Post-Diploma of Shanghai University in Economics and Trade Expected June 2005
Member of Student Union from 2000 to 2003
Won scholarship of Shanghai University three times

East Shanghai Foreign Language School (high school) Shanghai, China
Diploma received June 2000
Won scholarship in 1999

English course taken during university
English Intermediary Interpretation, New World Language School (Shanghai), summer 2002


Assistant of Sales Director, Shanghai Ying Tai International Trade Company, Shanghai China, Summer 2003
1.Gathered useful marketing information through Internet or marketing research
2.Organized and did some preliminary analysis on those information for the manager
3.Scheduled the daily business affairs for the manager
4.Prepared for important meetings and wrote meeting agendas

Here is my cover letter

October 16, 2004

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am greatly interested by the vacancy of an assistant for sales manager you advertised on yesterday’s issue of China Daily. I am presently a student for my BA in International Economy and Trade at Shanghai University.

Last year, I was working as personal assistant for the sales manager of Shanghai Yingtai International Company as part of my fieldwork required by the degree. I started to develop my people skills in the real situation. Also I saw a great improvement in my skills of coordinating, leading and keeping aplomb in times of urgency. The experience reinforced my understanding of the importance and magic of nurturing an esprit de corps in the department. Mr. Chen, my manager at the department, acknowledged my commitment and the quickness to learn. He would be glad to tell you more about my times with him. He could be reached at 529,257,57.

In my university, I have been excellent in both my academic performance and my after-class work as the member of Students’ Union. I am fluent in both Spoken and Written English. Mr. Terry Gao, our counselor, has kindly agree to write a reference for me if it is required.

I am available for my interview every afternoon. Please contact me at 13601805658. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,
Jo Gu
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