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Jul 29, 2004
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It is a silly abstract. Yet it needs to be improved grammatically and rhetorically.

Subject: The Consideration of the combination of the "Two Administers" in the new phase's university management

Abstract: The management of universities under the laws and under the morals, is according to Comrade Jiang Zeming's strategy of properly running our nation, in which he pointed out both "Administer under the laws" and "Administer under the morals" for the nation should be stressed, and is a concrete application of the strategy in university management.The construction of the "Two Administers" in universities is a systematic engineering. The article, based on the analysis of the dialectic relationship between the "Two Administers", tries to discuss a new path of the combination of the "Two Administers" in university management in the new century.

Key words: University, Administer-under-the-laws, Administer-under-the morals.
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