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Please Reply!

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Feb 4, 2008
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I am applying to an american college for advancement of science and arts. There is a hometest with a given task.
My main language is romanian, and I speak english as a second language, which is why i badly NEED YOUR HELP.
The text is the following:
"Design first, second and third place trophies or prizes for excellence in lying
to be awarded to specific persons"

Design is simply reffering to "drawing". The problem lies in defining the words "in lying" and "specific persons". As a student with english as a second language, it appreas to me that there are 2 possible meanings:

1. I must award 'fictional' prizes to 3 important people of this world (writers, philosophers, scientists, for me to choose from!)
The text could thus also be translated as: "prizes for excellence (, comma) in lying to be awarded". the prizes being just a created game

2. I must give awards to 'champion' lyers. People who have lied in their lives and careers (like...Bush or who knows)

Of course, any artist is a lier, since he is creating an illusion, but please let us not relate to this!

It is ver important to me that I get this the right way. Not to say may future life but ALMOST!! Please reply ASAP! Thank you so much in advance


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Nov 13, 2002
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Each award should be designed to show who you are awarding it to.
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