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Sep 26, 2017
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Dear Application Committee,

With this letter, I would like to apply for a DAAD Study Scholarship in the Field of Architecture.

My professional goal is starting an architecture practice in my home country dealing with sustainable development and ecological architecture and urbanism. I want to jump-start the ecological revolution in architecture, since Serbia is running behind in this important issue.

Carrier in architecture has been a dream of mine ever since I first saw Sagrada Familia in a fifth grade textbook in geography. I felt instantly drawn to it and inspired. When deciding on a university to study in, I came across information about Russian scholarships for foreign students and started researching Russian architecture program. Russia has a statewide standard for architectural education with undergraduate studies lasting for 5 years with the widest variety of subjects in all aspects of architecture. This information intrigued me since all the other programs I came across lasted for only three years and had fewer subjects. I applied for the challenge to see if I am up to it.

Russian scholarship committee assigned me to Tambov State Technical University where I am currently finishing architecture program. In the course of studies, I have passed over 70 examinations with a score above 90 %. Apart from standard architecture disciplines, I studied courses in related fields like painting, drawing, sculpture, civil engineering, but also economy, philosophy and law as well. With confidence, I can say that I am ready for any case of life in architecture. Lately I even managed to start a working parallel to studies, which is highly uncommon in architecture students in Russia.

Perhaps the biggest advancement that came from studies in Russia are personal qualities that I cultivated here. Studying abroad has made me more mature, stable, inspired, improved my time management skills and effectiveness. During this time, I formulated life objectives and created a plan for achieving them. Right now, that plan leads me to Germany.

In architecture history courses, I learned about Bauhaus school of architecture and its impact on the world. Learning that the school is still operating sparked my interest in Germany as a study destination. This interest deepened after watching a VICE documentary about German „Mittelstands“. The concept is impressive. I would like to incorporate „Mittelstand“ model in my future architecture practice and I imagine it would work perfectly in Serbia. Therefore, Germany is the best destination for fulfilling my long-term goals. All the programs I applied for are in English, but I am intending to learn German alongside studies and intern in one of German companies so that I can use the practice in organizing future company.

After five years of studying, I would still like to improve in multiple areas. For this purpose, I could benefit from more internships, better equipment in terms of libraries and workshops, more vibrant academic and cultural environment and more conceptual design freedom. The Bauhaus European Urban Studies program incorporates all of the mentioned.

Apart from the obvious prestige factor, the program of European Urban Studies in Bauhaus Weimar has significant advantages to all other programs I was considering.

For one, an entire semester of traineeship program ("Model Projects") would give me a chance to work in a new environment and train for future.

Secondly, the theme of the program directly relates to my desired direction of future work. The course syllabus is going to be an exquisite base for master thesis development. Particularly I am looking forward to lessons in Project Development, which I did not encounter in previous studies.

Thank You for considering my request. I am looking forward to a positive response.



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Feb 18, 2015
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That letter is not very clear at all. What program are you applying for? Are you going to be studying in Russia or Germany. Be direct and to the point. Organize your ideas according to the guidelines you were given for drafting your letter.