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pls help

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Aug 2, 2007
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what is the difference of these ff.?
1.she has a great talent
2.she have a great talent
3.she had a great talent

and this

1.i might go home
2.i shall go home
3.i must go home

Please explain to me.. thanks a lot


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Dec 11, 2007
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1. She has a great talent--indicates that an action is present now. At present, she has a great talent.

2. She have a great talent... This sentence is not right... you can't say "She have"... You may however say, "She may have", "She will have", "She does have" etc.

3. She had a great talent....indicates that an action was completed, at some point in the past. She had a great talent before but not now.


1. I might go home-- its the way of expressing possibility. It states that the decision of whether to go home or not, is still not decided.

2. I shall go home--This sounds like an obligation to perform. "Today I shall go home (to see Mother)."

3. I must go home-- expressing a firm decision that, come what may, I have to go home.
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