powerful verbs

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karen said:
please can you list powerful verbs for: looked, went[/list]
I think Roget's Thesaurus will prove handy in your case.


VERB: 1. To have the appearance of: appear, seem, sound 1 . Idioms: strike one as (being). See SURFACE . 2. To have the face or front turned in a specific direction. On or upon: face, front. See PRECEDE . 3. To direct the eyes on an object: consider, contemplate, eye, view. Idioms: clap (or lay) (or set) one's eyes on. See SEE . 4. To try to find something: cast about, hunt, quest, search, seek. See SEEK .

go: VERB: 1. To proceed in a specified direction: bear, head, make, set out, strike out. See APPROACH . 2. To have a proper or suitable place: belong, fit 1 . See ORDER . 3. To fall in: buckle, cave in, collapse, crumple, give. Idioms: give way. See EXPLOSION . 4. To cease living: decease, demise, depart, die, drop, expire, pass away, pass (on), perish, succumb. Informal : pop off. Slang : check out, croak, kick in, kick off. Idioms: bite the dust, breathe one's last, cash in, give up the ghost, go to one's grave, kick the bucket, meet one's end (or Maker) , pass on to the Great Beyond, turn up one's toes.

I copied and pasted a few for you.
Thesaurus is great when you know you have a word at the tip of your tongue and you can't possibly rememeber it. :lol:
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